A New Beginning

There are certain times in all of our lives when things can feel out of control. Tough times like losing loved ones, job loss, divorce, etc. can really bring a prolonged sense of sadness and depression. I’ve been going through such a time for the last few years myself, and it had really put a damper on my creativity. I’ve not been stitching many temari, nor really doing much other than dealing with “life”. For a while, it felt like it was never going to be different, and I would be stuck in this darkness forever.

But I’ve been lucky to have friends and family remind me that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, and that things WOULD get better. I’m grateful for their support through this wild ride, and I’m happy to say that I’m finally coming out of that funk! My needle is moving again, bright colors are coming back into my life, and I’m feeling a renewed sense of hope. I couldn’t be happier, nor feel more blessed. And I’m holding on to this newfound joy with both hands!

To channel this new creative spirit, I am focusing more on my temari persuits than ever before. I’m setting new goals, some ambitious (get that book done!), some indulgent (teach more!), some necessary but tough (get that Level 3 JTA certification done!). I love so many aspects of this art, and I want to work towards spreading the knowledge of it in as many ways as I can. But self-discipline can be tough, and my goals are lofty.

That’s where this blog comes in. I’m hoping to use this platform to keep me on track. Routine and schedules are hard for me to follow, but I’m going to do my best to stay accountable to myself by posting weekly on this blog. I hope to report on all things temari (and maybe even fiber arts!) in my life, but also to use it as a way to keep myself moving towards my goals. I would be honored and thrilled if anyone reads it, of course! (Hey, thank YOU!) But at this point, I’m doing this for myself. Time to get organized. Time to get going on those goals. Time to really double-down and dive into my real passion of temari!

I’m so happy to report that things are looking up from here!

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